Rolling Outta Bed

Work up late today and that’s kinda what I’ve been wanting all week.  Sometimes a day gets wrapped to tight with no room to breathe.  Waking up late means I enjoyed a few sweet, extra hours of sleep and peace.  Felt damn good too.  Time to get in that reading/writing mode while trying not to get or feel too serious.  All I need is to add  more mental fiber to my diet.  Life’s kooky as it.  No need to complicate it with over-thinking and needless drama that I don’t put down on paper. In other words I’m willing to take any foolishness and put it into my craft.

Looking to touch back to my more humorous, absurd roots of thinking/creating today. I feel I’m getting heavy and serious when I need to be free of woes.  Gotta loosen that wrap. Ain’t nothing to it today but lettin’ it all hang out. Sometimes the ideas/creations need to be as free as a man who just sat bare assed on a cactus. You hear him from around the block, but he’s all about energy.


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