Lost, Found, and Edited

I mentioned a while back, I lost a file of a silly satire story I wrote for grins and giggles. Well, lo and behold I found it today by accident, but what a happy accident. I actually had the sense to put the file in my “unfinished folder” and renamed it.  The moment I saw it, it dawned on me what the file was. So, file reclaimed, and balance is restored to the world. . . sorta.

The reason I went to the folder in the first place to reorganize a lot of my open files.  As I wrote yesterday I began working on a new short story. I wanted to see how many were in the “unfinished” folder work on those too. So I love a pleasant surprise and how good it is to reclaim something I thought lost.

I did look over this story, and said to myself “why not clean it up a little,”  after all it’s been sitting about in it’s “cool off” time.  I began editing it.  Trying to flesh out the character and his life.  A few paragraphs in, and I tell myself to make sure to complete this story, and submit it to my writing group. Why not?  If I can clean it up a lot I should.

The horror story stalled a bit, but the day is young, and if I add a few more lines to it, I think I’ll have the start to it. I swear I need more research before I get too involved. I think it’s more of a thrill than horror I’m looking for in this.  I don’t know yet. I’m too early in the stages, but I suspect suspense and tension have a viable fear factor to them.

The other story I mentioned I revised it some yesterday.  It didn’t become a horror story, but I noticed some other tropes in there that have to do with folk tale elements.  I need to play up with that, along with more research.  My goals for all three stores, I hope, is to see them enhanced by my research and hopefully that will add further layers to what’s being read.


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