My Dortastick Try

Yesterday I posted how I wanted to write a short story in the horror genre, just to see if I could make this work.  This bit of inspiration comes from my dorktastic youth, which described being labeled as a stereotypical nerd for writing in the genre. I never capitalized on this fact until now.  Thus, this is my dorktastic moment.

For me this means getting some facts together, reminding myself about what I think and know the genre to be about.  What I think horror is about is instilling fear.  The way an erotic story stimulates a reader sensually and sexually, it has that specific of a goal. This reminds me that not too long I also blogged about writing erotic stories, but they may end up with a humorous effect, so you get a lot of sex and laughter-do those go hand in hand? It has to be better than sex and death, which can go hand in hand. I digress.

I did a few lines for the new story since I know what frightens me. I’m going to see where I spin this.  I made myself type out a line or two in the note app, since it was laying right there, and pen and paper were in my other room. Needless to say I’m not scared yet, but this is only one tiny step.  Cinema Studies has taught me to look up conventions in genre as they often bear clues, history, and insight into a genre. I still have all my cinema books. Gonna go hook that part up and get my read on a little bit later. I need more facts.

My next part of research is in fact, horror stories and films.  I tend to favor classics like old Universal films, and last post I mentioned several contemporary films. The common fear route I like in many films is the use of the psyche.  Who knows, the story may start from a fear, BUT may grow to something else.  I may not be fit for the horror genre after all, but giving it a shot feels like the right direction.

Also had another short story I did some quick writing on.  Not sure of the direction, but I feel it’s going somewhere.  I feel a need to play with this story.  Why not see if I can’t add some horror to this story.  It won’t replace the current one I’m working on, but can add to me learning more about the genre.  As it stands, this story is currently a bit light on substance and I need it to take a more assertive direction or watch it fizzle. When I first wrote it, the story came off as more of a vignette  with minimalist details and some snappy dialogue. I like it, but now I want to fear it.  Is it wrong that I want to scare myself?  Mind you, sometimes writing is scary enough.


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