Back in my misspent youth of uncoolness and uncouth teenaged world, some people thought, based on my appearance, and knowing I wrote that I was a horror writer. This was based  on my rather nerdy looks complete with dorktastic eyewear, frumpy clothes, boring appearance, and shy demeanor.  I DONT miss high school.

I never wrote horror, and I was never good at writing in that genre, but then again I don’t think I put any real effort into writing horror.  BTW if you ask me my favorite classic writer, I’d say Edgar Allan Poe. A friend’s been trying to get me to read Lovecraft.  Hadn’t done that as of yet. The closest I got to horror in my adult years was reading Anne Rice’s vampire and mummy novels. I don’t like contemporary “horror” movies which emphasize gore over fright. I don’t find that appealing or potent. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of said gore-based horror brings the grotesque, disturbing, and has a way of messing with one’s head, but it’s not 100% to my liking to watch.    Not every film is grossly gory either.  I’ve reviewed some on this blog, like Dracula, and American Werewolf of London, Interview with a Vampire, and Black Swan.

If I did work on a horror piece, it’d have to be something that scares the piss outta me.  If I’m not scared of the story, for the characters, and the situation, why do I think others will be scared of the material? Back when I was full on young dorktastic I was turned on by science fiction, monster movies, and all sorts of stuff my parents hated. I saw myself as weird enough in youth, and did not want to add to any pains of being a social misfit. Yes I looked at this situation wrong, because who really cares what others think if they aren’t contributing to one’s well being.  Opinions are like assholes, and many of those are weak and useless even for their owners.

So should I try this again? Were people correct in saying I was a fit for writing horror novels? Do project darkness, fear and fright? Well I’m  unemployed and I’m not really doing much between job searches.  Say one short story for me to try? I dunno, yet a bit curious.  I should write about the economy.  That’s scary enough for the average person.


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