Star Trek and Reboots

Cast of Star Trek

No one ever smiles for the camera

Much boo-hooing came about when it was first announced that there was a reboot/remake of sorts of Star Trek. Change can feel deadly and quite right gets much resistance.  Reboots have a way of taking several elements out of shows and films we love, and distilling them into blandness. The fears possess legitimate weight, and I myself wondered if we were in for a fun movie, or a barely stitched together film with possibly bland actors.

Should we expect more from Star Trek? I love the original show, and remember it fondly from my childhood, but it wasn’t the greatest show on TV.  Was I being silly, and selfish? Didn’t Paramount have the right to reinvigorate their movie franchise?  This is not to say Star Trek hasn’t spun off some franchises.  Star Trek begat Star Trek The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. The Next Generation even had movies of it’s own. However, this reboot takes the view trip back to the root of Star Trek: A new cast and defining roles for the crew of the Enterprise.

Reboots themselves can get funny.  Someone could‘ve taken Star Trek into complete parody territory, like the funny Galaxy Quest film.  That type of reboot for Star Trek may or may not have gone well with anyone. Clearly the role of the new Star trek film is the blockbuster adventure film with homages to the original series, while making sure to keep it it’s own spin.

The new Star Trek features a young cast, and state of the art SFX giving a shine and polish to an old Franchise.  All the characters have differences from the original show, which gets a neat explanation in the film.  I think the casting is spot on.  The characters have familiarity, yet are their own.  For example Chirs Pine is Kirk, but yet, has his own swagger.  I do like Zachary Quinto of Spock. I think inspired casting, and capable of delivering that cold, detached Vulcan emotionlessnes, yet Spock is more than he seems, and emotions govern some of his actions.

I like the new situation and troubles as Nero, and his crew, some real angry Romulans from the future make for some real evil villains who take genocide to a whole new level of hate and rage.  Nero’s tragedies and hate feel like a mixed bag as he’s responding to something that hasn’t happened yet.  He doesn’t make any efforts to say, warn his people of impending future doom. He’s blinded by a single piece of rage to get even with the future Spock (Leonard Nimoy – nice cameo, BTW), thus altering the past.

I give lots of kudos to the creative forces behind this Star trek movie cause I loved every bit of it.  Even when I was like this red matter stuff feels very McGuffin I still bought into it.  What can I say I liked what I saw?  All I can say right now is what’s taking so long with this sequel?  I’m hoping this is about quality time for production and nothing more.


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