Another Late Post

August 22, 2014 at 12:49 AM (Creativity, Fantasy, Problem Solving, Productivity, Scripts) (, , , , )

Tonight was a mix of things. Summer’s heat, and Carolina humidity will beat a person down. Sometimes the best thing one can do is sit down and not move. It’s all in a day’s routine. I digress.

Today writing got done. Piece by piece throughout this week, I managed to write out four scenes for this tv script. Today I spent time revising one scene and adding it to the script. A few minutes before typing this blog post, I revised a second scene. Didn’t attach it to the script, as I feel I need to put a strong ending on this one. It’s coming.

As for scenes three and four, they need their revising. It’s not happening yet. I like the page count. I went from thirty to thirty five. I’m positive I shall get to forty when I add this second scene to the mix.

Happy creative endeavors.

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Mini Post

August 21, 2014 at 2:17 PM (Blogging, Brainstorm, Chaos, Creativity, Writing) (, , , , )

Something needs to be written on this blog, as it is my go to for inspiration, and sharing thoughts. Been writing and working on the script. There are four scenes I wrote out that could use my attention. Worked on one earlier. My mind drifted off and onto tv. Gotta get that scene into some shape before I incorporate it into the main script. Episode one is taking a lot of work to get done. I’ve gots to get quicker at resolutions and writing.

Happy creative endeavors.

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The Extra Late Post

August 19, 2014 at 2:17 AM (Productivity, Scripts, Upbeat, Writing) (, , , , )

Was supposed to write sooner, but since I’m up, a post must be made. Just wanted to state that I insisted on writing. It all went into the Notes app. I transferred it to a word file, and it ended up being five pages. Five pages of rough story that needs to be complete before I can revise the material. This is a good thing. It means I know have more pages to add to episode one. There’s another scene I want to write out. Jotted some words on paper late last night. I’d like to keep going.

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Cool Day

August 15, 2014 at 3:05 PM (Blogging, Fantasy, Problem Solving, Productivity) (, , , , )

The day starts with that “it looks like rain” mood, where the sun has vanished, and it’s cooler than usual during the summer. Have some pain in my neck that I hope goes away soon. Perhaps if I relax a lot more, it’ll fade away. It seems all the aspirin is gone in the house. How disappointing.

Writing came to a halt yesterday, and I attempted to dream up thoughts on how to make the script better. I have a few ideas, but not sue how to make things happen.

In the meantime, my head floods with other ideas, and therefore this morning, I wrote one of the concepts out. It was a money where I saw a few details from the characters clearly, so writing it out at least gave it some life. It’s very clunky, but it comes outta the head like that. Who knows, maybe I can use it for the script, or it’s a separate creation.

Searching for a job as well. This is some mad crazy biz. It’s a freaking mess. At least I feel like it.

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The Tuesday Warm-Up To Writing Post

August 12, 2014 at 11:54 AM (Blogging, Challenges, Creativity, Productivity, Writing) (, , , , )


Hope your day’s been going well. If Not, may it get more positive, better, and happier ASAP.

Been trying to get the script together, which meant I made a new Screenwriter file, and will add the scenes in and build the material back up. A friend reminded me that’s how some research papers got done (which I am very familiar with). The processes sounds daunting, but last night, when I tried to add new material to the current file, it simply didn’t work the way I planned. Also pees distracted me more than a few times. I got a little out of sorts.

My goal today is to follow the outline, and add material one piece at a time. I want to see episode one completed, and with all the material I have this can be done today, barring any distractions.

Maybe I should eat breakfast first. No need to feel hunger pangs while writing, when it can be prevented now.  Gotta make stuff happen.  if not me for myself, then who?

Happy creative endeavors, and stay positive.


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Hello Monday

August 11, 2014 at 11:51 AM (Creativity, Challenges, Chaos, Character, Scripts) (, , , , )

Yesterday I had a flow with the writing. Kept it going when suddenly family decided while I was into my craft to constantly stop me. The more I tried to complete a sentence, the less it was going to happen. Finally I attended to the issues, got soaked in the rain, and dried off. Got something to eat, and was ready to write again. My muse, however, was not feeling that.

What I had roughly was five pages, and perhaps that was enough. Late, late in the night, after watching The Strain, did I find myself revising the text. I needed it to be less, as this was an addition to a scene that I felt needed to be stated, as opposed to what I had. Will have to merge and revise the original scene.

Speaking of The Strain, it took a few episodes to get off the ground, and it has my full attention. I want to know what happens next. A couple of things irked me, as some of the characters did some stupid things for intelligent people. I suppose that can’t be helped. Anyways, in this show, vampires are grotesque, and things don’t get better for the victims.

I need to write more. Interruptions or not. I have an outline for the first episode. Gotta get the story to flow and be done for a first draft.

Happy creative endeavors.

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Good Morning

August 10, 2014 at 12:33 PM (Creativity, Fantasy, Genre, Imagination, Rewriting) (, , , , )

Found myself writing early this morning. It initially started off as a simple revision to some dialogue I wanted to add to a scene. It flowed pretty well. Eventually I’ll have to add the new material to that scene, and that’s where the work begins. It’s pretty rough and raw, so when I get the chance, I’ll sit down and hammer out how I think it should play out.

One thing that came out so distinct in the writing is how much the characters had to say. I didn’t realize they had these point of views. Sometimes it’s like the characters have a will of their own, and completely have to get things out of them. Perhaps its a character moment, or truth moment. I’m getting to the heart of some of the issues that the characters need to address and resolve.

Last night, I had an epiphany for another scene. This was something I wrote previously, but rejected because I didn’t think it would fit properly into the story. My mind ran across the scene, and I wondered if it would work after a few events occurred. Sure, I’ll have to revise several parts of the dialogue and actions, but the scene now makes sense to me. Glad I wrote it out when I did. Hopefully I labeled the file I wrote it in. If not, i’ll find it, and get things done.

It feels good to be in a writing mood in the morning. For the past few days that sensation hasn’t been there, so writing has felt very very dry. I have to go with the flow. I do want to add I have been working on research, which isn’t writing, but very necessary.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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Fresh Air

August 9, 2014 at 2:10 PM (Challenges, Editing, Fantasy, Outline, Rewriting) (, , , , )

There’s been a distinct lack of writing in the past few days that I would call constructive. That’s entirely my fault. While I have been doing some research, which is always good, I wish I put a little more effort into writing. That’s I begin this post with me contemplating writing, and a few other tasks.

One task that comes to mind is the fact that I need to clean my bedroom. It’s stuffy, and I jumped all over the place. I said I was going to write, but I can’t do that in a junkie room. Dirty clothes need to be put into the hamper, and anything laying on the chair or couch needs to be placed away. I can tell you right now how you can feel like playing games in that room, let alone write.

So I open the windows a little, to listen fresh air in. In the meantime I’m writing this to get my day going. The research consisted of me watching shows looking for their structure. I was looking for the opening teaser, the act outs, and the tag. It got a little more consuming than I imagined. Previously I read some scripts for these parts of the structure. I also read a couple of articles on how to better describe your characters within the script. So I just I have been making some kind of progress, it’s just that I wanted to write more and I found myself writing less.

At the bare minimum I have a blog post now. I am very satisfied with this post. It reminds me that writing requires little bit more finesse, and that missing writing means its part of the process. Also now I have time set aside to write, which is a good thing.

Let me add, if I haven’t, about this script I’m working on. It’s a fantasy-based story, and I wanted to get the structure for writing at hour-long television show correct. I also looked at the logistics of the tale I wrote. Some of the events weren’t lining up like I would like them too. So this meant looking at how they were presented. It also meant rearranging what I wrote, and when it happens within the timeframe.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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Tuesday Goodness

August 5, 2014 at 11:36 AM (Blogging, Brainstorm, Genre, Prose, Television) (, , , , )

Got a lot mixed up as I pondered what day it was. That’s never good, and just as funny. It’s Tuesday, and I spaced out a little. It’s time to put the effort into creativity. Perhaps I should start with breakfast. Breakfast is always good.

Outside is a little gloomy, as it looks like it wants to rain. One positive to the gloomy is that it isn’t radiating heat like the summer typically does. Sometimes it’s a small blessing in the mix. As I type this, the sun has peered through the gloom. I hope the weather doesn’t get too hot. Will stay positive.

Goofed off, and wrote some lines for a nonsensical story. Am curious as to what happens if I add a few more lines to it. This piece of fiction is pure goofing off. No deep thought into anything. If it gets deep, then it’s no good to me. I consider it an exercise. I just want to see it through to the end, which is a first draft. Perhaps more stories should flow like this.

The pilot script still needs work. The outline I made to summarize it all still needs to be done. It means some of the material already written will go to the second episode. At the very least, I have material for the second episode. All I can do with this one is keep writing. The ideas flow as I long as I stay with it.

I have some short stories I wanted to write more on. Perhaps I shouldn’t think about what is going on in them, as I was a bit stuck with some of them. Others I abandoned, and only looked at when I saw my file pages, and I was trying to clean up my laptop of excess files. All I can do is keep working on them as well.

Happy creative endeavors.

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Evening Writing

August 4, 2014 at 5:39 PM (Challenges, Creativity, Productivity, Well-Being, Writing) (, , , , )

The day started simple. I like it. Had to manage some debt issues. Might as well. Faced it head on and came to a resolution.  This told me to face some writing head on as well.  Last night there was some working on what I thought was my cold open. It’s a little too long to be the cold open, and today it expanded even more.  So rather than be pissed off, I wondered where else it could fit within the story. It made me feel accomplished.  It’s getting stuff done.  For the record, “cold open” is the intro into a TV show. They can be from three to five minutes, and serves to get a viewer hooked.

So, after I take me a little writing break, and let my thoughts relax, I want to take on something else. perhaps my open/teaser will be something else, and this is simply part of  a set-up for another story. There are also a couple of scenes that need to be rewritten and adjusted that I’m already determined to make happen. So in the midst of revisions, things shall fall into place.

Happy creative endeavors.



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