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July 23, 2014 at 12:08 PM (Blogging, Brainstorm, Scripts, Writing) (, , , , )

One of the things that pestered me earlier this month, in regards to writing one of the scripts I’ve been working on, is that I omitted a scene because I thought it didn’t fit. After some feedback, which pointed out that if felt like every character was in the middle of events, I wondered if the scene omitted would have at least given some weight and context to what transpired.

So, finding the omitted scene was tricky, as I didn’t label the file, but instead left it in the Notes app. Found it, got it transferred and labeled in Word. Began to make revisions so it fit the story. What was five pages is now ten, and still being worked upon.

In retrospect, perhaps if I had left the scene in, I’d have that more connected story. On the other hand, I kept writing, and cam up with more ideas by removing it. Now it’s back to stay. Will keep working from there. The positive thing is I’m still working on this script. I’ve got a long way to go, but progress is great. I’d like to get to episode two soon.

Happy creative endeavors.

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The Sunday Warm-Up

July 20, 2014 at 6:29 PM (Challenges, Creativity, Productivity, Well-Being, Writing) (, , , , )

Today was a day of procrastination. Goofed off, played on social media, and talked to family and friends. Then it was onto movies and television shows. Well, that’s over, because I need to do something that’s writing-productive. That is to say, I’ve put text to file. To initiate the writing, I’ve got this blog post to produce as a warm-up to writing. I’m glad I did this, as blogging is a great way to start some creative writing. I hate the ice of thinking and feeling I’m in a creative slump. Gotta chase away the blues.

Found myself today not feeling creative or inspired to write, but that doesn’t mean not to write. Perhaps what I put out today won’t be as good as what I’ve done in the past, but I do know that I like it when I can see words typed out, and saved to file. It means I’m willing to go even when I feel like my creative well is tapped out for the day. it’s not even tapped out. My mind is just congested with stuff. I shall endeavor to get my act together and write.

Yesterday, I dug up an short story I wrote months ago. I looked it over, made a few revisions, and didn’t know what to do with it, as posted yesterday. Later in the evening, I found myself writing additional dialog for the story that I have yet to incorporate that into the story. I’d like to see new material incorporated soon. Also there are scripts and screenplays to address. I better get it done.

Gonna have to find some instrumental music soon. I feel I can write script and screenplays a LOT better when I’m hearing instrumentals.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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Today Will Be Better than Yesterday

July 19, 2014 at 3:56 PM (Creativity, Productivity, Prose, Short Story, Writing) (, , , , )

In an effort to be a better writer, person, friend, and artist, today must be better than yesterday. Not that yesterday was full of woes or hate. it’s that now that I’m thinking of life, I want to do more in regards to being productive and happier. Life must progress forward, with or without adversity. All negative thoughts must be banished, and those who would seek to bring us down or constrain us must be cast aside, least they tear us down, and stand on our broken bones.

Yesterday was a day to write poetry. It was a moment, I wrote a lot of it down.  Sometime today I’d love to put it all in a Ward file, and revises it. This is the second poem I worked on that had some length and a richness that can only be explained as I delved deeper into the topic, and was willing to cut out passages for clarity.  It resonated with me, and had a strength that I didn’t show in the past with expression. So here’s to progress, and expression done well.

Yesterday, I had a nagging feeling about a short-short urban fantasy/horror story I wrote. Wrote it months ago, and  let it be for a good while. Reread it today, and made several revisions to the text. I am curious about the story, because it feels real flash fiction and very much a dark comedy vignette. part of me says, let it cool off a little more, and see if revisions can be done.  It will need a grammar edit for sure. I found myself correcting tenses today, and correcting a few passages. The rest of it shall remain intact. It still lacks a title, and I feel a name will help cement what’s missing for me.

That reminds me, I have pieces of short stories in my Notes app, that can use at least a paragraph (five sentences) of additional material. The genres didn’t overly flux, but two of them were a bit steamy/erotic. One was comical and erotic. Then the remaining were dark comedies. Dunno if I can change gears, and hit them all up with some fresh sentences, but it’s worth a shot.

The screenplays and scripts need more work for sure. Wrote out an action scene, and I don’t know if I like it or not. What I’d like to do for them, is look at some action scenes from different shows, and note how long they are. That way I can see if it’s too long, and how to trim it down. or I can simply make sure to tell what I need to tell, and not dwell in the moments.  It’s not like I haven’t seen movies and TV shows before, and have no clue. So a mix of research and instinct will do.

As always, happy creative endeavors, and may your day be greater than yesterday.

P.S. hadn’t worked on the novel in a long while, and haven’t forgotten it.  I must find a way to manage it as well.

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Big Hero Six Trailer

July 17, 2014 at 8:38 PM (Animation, Comic Book Films, Film, Genre, Super Hero) (, , , )

I read the comic a good while ago.  it was OK.  Hope the film will be fun.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Goodness

July 17, 2014 at 7:53 PM (Dragon Age, RPG, Video, Video Games) (, , , , )

Y’ll know I’m a sucker for this RPG franchise. I just wanted to share it.  it’s not out until early October, which is fine by me.

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For Today: An Artists’ Statement

July 17, 2014 at 7:39 PM (Challenges, Creativity, Productivity, Well-Being, Writing) (, , , , )

NOTE: Toying around with statements, theories and philosophies on creation and art.

From observation and experience, there is an obsession with appearing and projecting perfection and/or goodness towards others, when the true goal is to suppress and hide one’s true nature from others. We can and often do reject and deny the realness that is ourselves. The motives are personal, and ultimately unimportant, as no one can peer into someone else’s soul to find the exact reason and truths. It is sufficient to say realness is rejected and deemed unworthy of being seen in public.

From this observation and experience, I believe that a little artifice and banality can empower projects. The fact that there are aspects of the material that is both flawed, incorrect, or plain silly touches into a place of humor and realness. In a way, this knocks me, and the material off the lofty pedestal I imagined the material to transform itself into. This is a chance to not seek perfection, and a chance to explore something essential hidden within me that lies dormant within creativity.

This is to say that there is some fakery in the mix. That there is something that feels artificial in the material. Perhaps a bit of grit in the  ointment. Something that makes one pause and think about what they’ve seen. Is there a flaw in the product. Does it arrest us on some level. Do we feel underwhelmed in some way, and therefore let down? Perhaps the material is nowhere as clever as I, or a potential vier sees it as. Perhaps the material is too earnest (tries to hard to be something else, but is limited). In that scope of limitation I find that there is inescapable truth, and it doesn’t hide. It simply  exists. Do we, the audience reject it for it’s weakness, or embrace if for being honest? Is honesty weakness, vulnerability, or a force that has the power to deny us perfection?

In that respect, exploration of the artifice, banality, truth and perfections sounds like a mix of contradictions. Contradictions and double standards, and entitlements empower us. They are the shade we hide behind when we hate the truth. It is all subject to exploration with no excuses or apologies offered. No excuse or apology is needed just the same, as the material can easily be discarded or rejected from one’s sight. Better that the material is made, than for it to remain a whipper in the recesses of our mind, hidden away.

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Don’t Eat the Anger

July 15, 2014 at 6:05 PM (Keep It Moving, Upbeat, Well-Being, Writing) (, , , , )

Sometimes anger serves no one. Other times it’s tied to things that are considered impolite and wrong emotions. For example, anger gets attached to assertiveness, and often, aggression. So as I thought of this post today, I wondered if there’s anything wrong with tempered anger?

By tempered, I do mean control. Control and assertiveness often comes off as anger, and so many people cannot express what they feel, but what if we tapped into the assertive aspects of our being, and stopped trying to spare the world some hurt? That’s not to say anyone should go around being an ass to people. What if you knew what you wanted, and made no bones about getting it, and was very, very up front about that desire? What if you needed to be heard, and fight or struggle to maintain some measure of progress, and what works is the assertiveness?

A really pervasive stereotype in my culture is the “angry black man or woman.” That is that some believe that a person of color is angry for no reason. That also connotes that one’s assertion and boldness comes from anger, which is not always the case. We all have reasons for our emotions, good and bad.

One bad piece of advice I had was that one can’t tap into your rage, but suppress it. Why does anyone have to eat their rage. That’s internalizing that emotion. That’s not good for anyone. I feel that energy needs to be set free, within reason. All the world needs is another person going off and doubling the negative.

What if we all could tap into our negative emotions and channel it into something positive like artwork, work projects, creativity, etc. what I’m saying is that negative emotions are seen as a detraction, and we are sometimes penalized for the fact that pushing forward means you don’t make friends with everyone. Furthermore, you’re to bold. Some fear that aspect of your person. You get labeled as a pre-emotive strike to pacify someone’s insecurities.

What I’d love to see with me is to be rid off the thought that I must eat my own pain, and assert myself in the world. To take fear out of the equation, and get things done. So I want all to know, it’s ok to be pissed of. It’s even better if we take that anger and place it into a constructive project that will bring about positive change in our lives, and the lives of loved ones.

Oh, if someone pisses you off, and they’re nothing to you, let them go. There’s a reason some people aren’t in our lives, and that’s a blessing we take for granted while we’re upset. Purge them, but taking that energy and placing it elsewhere. It’s even better to work towards success.

Happy creative endeavors.

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A Late Night Post

July 12, 2014 at 12:26 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

A bit behind in the blogging department, which is not a new thing for me. It’s time to get back into the swing of things. Got to watch a couple of episodes of Legend of Korra, which is a really sophisticated animated series. I’ll have to write an essay on the series at some point. It will serve as a primer of sorts to people who are unfamiliar with the series.

Speaking of animation, a conversation with peeps about how some cartoons have a watered down quality to them really bothered me. Animation can be complex without being too deep. I get the feeling that the general belief that animation equals “dumbed down,” which is not always to case. For example, Adventure Time and Regular Show has appeal for children and adults. The same with Korra. Each show is different from the other in content and style. All worth a glance or two.

What lead me to this conversation is I peeped at Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. It was lackluster to me. This is when my friend suggested the program is aimed at younger generations. Fair enough, and I felt watching the show was an overly safe version of the Avengers movie. That’s rather disappointing. Trust me, I’m a lover of animated programs, and will give them all a shot, but I have to be entertained. Here I was not engaged, and watched the whole episode. I said I wouldn’t do a second.

This is not to say shows can’t improve. For example, Green Lantern, the Animated series grew stronger and a little more complex. Young Justice certainly was a good watch, as was Tron Uprising. They were all sophisticated with complex storylines, characters and action. Those three were canceled. That’s disappointing, because it may signal a trend to make stories overly simple. It may not, who knows. I certainly don’t have insight into network programming.

Glad to know not all animation hasn’t gone to my personal unwatchable list.

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Where’s That Scene

July 10, 2014 at 1:41 PM (Uncategorized)

Yesterday I wrote a scene for my script, but as I look at it now, I realize it’s contradictory to what’s been written previously. I like what I have, and maybe I can use it a bit later somehow, but that’s not happening at the moment. Hoping today inspiration will strike, and I will have something I can put into the script. I was looking for unifying crisis for the characters to involve the major characters. Inspiration will turn up soon.

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No Time Like the Present

July 9, 2014 at 10:25 AM (Uncategorized)

Last night some writing got done. I took some unformatted material, cleaned it up, and formatted it. That felt good. Went through some of the material and wiped out some typos. So last night felt like a win. The current total pages for this episode is forty-three. It’s still not a finished product. It’s a TV script that doesn’t have a proper cold open, and act breaks, or teasers. That means going back in and adding them.

I’m happy with what’s been done, as it gave me some groundwork. Now that I can see a lot of my concept on file, as opposed to my head. Hurray for having stuff to work with. Now to repeat this a few more times.

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