Get Better, Do Better

December 20, 2014 at 2:45 PM (Black Humor, Blessings, Blogging, Challenges, Writing) (, , )

Today I was feeling overly-relaxed while I tended to some social media and various websites. It wasn’t until I turned on the laptop that I was reminded that I need to update my blog. How could I forget? I was far too relaxed. My mind’s on writing, so before I do anything else that’s relaxing, I need to put some words to paper. That’s a MUST. I can’t have my day flow any other way today. Also thought of how negative energies and thoughts impact our lives. It really pays for me to put more effort into not thinking of negative thoughts. The goal is to be open to positive possibilities, in spite of chaos.

So I hope that I can get more things done without me feeling annoyed, pensive, or distracted. There always seems to be something going on that I kind of wish I didn’t have to deal with, but deal with them I shall. Perhaps if I took some time to reflect on what needs to be done, and how t get it done, the path shall be clear for me. I need to focus on today. Make sure by time I go to sleep I have done some rewarding creativity. I guess I’m saying I feel like I’m in a rut, however, I believe that the rut is for the moment, not the entire day.

I am so distracted by it that doesn’t need to be in my head right now. Thank goodness I can get back to writing. C’mon brain, work with me.

Happy creative endeavors.

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Series Bible

December 19, 2014 at 12:20 PM (Challenges, Creativity, Productivity, Screenwriting, Writing) (, , , , )

Doing some mad job hunting, which is always good. It is a job trying to get a job.  better to be vigilant about it, than to sit and hope. A lot of doors are closed to me, but that doesn’t mean giving up.  Giving up means thinking life is over. Since I’m awake, I can move about, and I have faith that success comes from diligence, it’s time to go to work.

Speaking of work, for the past few days, I’ve been trying to organize how this TV show I’m writing flows. In the past I stumbled a whole lot, and still stumbling. I couldn’t make the storylines work. Even further I had a lot of ideas, and those ideas seemed a bit random and unfocused. I forget sometimes that sometimes a story starts with randomness.  My job is to remember writing is rewriting. Don’t give up completely. Always return, reclaim, and revise.

What I decided a few days ago is to outline the first four episodes, which I did. The story felt a little stronger, and coherent.  Something still was off for me. A little later, I began working on the series bible with the focus on one main character. The series bible is the overall direction and viewpoint of a show/book/universe. It’s a tool for knowing who is who, what is where. Anyone working on the series would read this, and get an understanding of the world.

This effort more positive as I focused on a main character, and how to make the series flow a lot better now that I know who to give the most time towards. This character sees the world, and gives us an anchor of sorts. At least thats my hope for the character.  I need to do more writing. The bible also discusses my inspirations, and what I’d like to see and do, so it’s also kind of like theory, or world creation theory.

That’s a relief, and requires that I do more writing, as there is more of the world I need to explore, and be clear on. At least clear enough to move forward without feeling like its a misstep. So this is a positive direction.  The bible needs a lot of work, but in one day I managed to see a good patter. As I type this, I have more ideas, and even some new characters that may or may not work, but I think they will play off the main character pretty well.

I also want to address some more female characters into the story. They’re kind of lacking at the moment. By characters I don’t mean all heroes, but I’d like someone to challenge the main characters with smarts. I want some freaking cool villains who aren’t afraid to kick a puppy if it stood in the way of their goals. As I typed that, let me be clear that I like my villains ruthless, and I don’t endorse kicking puppies/enemies in real life.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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December 16, 2014 at 3:30 PM (Uncategorized)

Not feeling up to par. Like my energy is dwindling. Also can’t focus too well. I must be tired of stressed. It’s one of those days when’re I’m not up to par.

Did some writing yesterday. It gave me a vision of the character, and where he could go. Plenty of angst and trouble down the path. Happy to have some progress.

Going to lie down, and hope that my strength and brain gets back into shape.

Happy creative endeavors.

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A Saturday Warm-Up

December 13, 2014 at 12:00 PM (Screenwriting, Rewriting, Animation, Avatar, Creativity, Weather) (, , , , )

Today is a nice day. It’s a bit nippy, but it looks nice. The sun’s up, bright, and I needed to get out of bed. I was gonna sleep late, but like many people, I know when I’m awake, and won’t drift back to sleep. It’s time to get to work.

Yesterday, I did more job hunting, and filling out applications. For some reason, I like to do a strong search on Fridays. It does me good to put a focus on the project. I get relentless, and sometimes filling out forms is a bit rough. Other times, it flows like a breeze.

Today I need to use that focus on my writing. The other day, I took all the writings from my Notes app, and created a Word file for each of them. It’s almost time to get onto rewriting and formatting those puppies. Also put down some notes for other screenplays. I have some ideas I’d loved to put to work past the idea stage and have pages of screenplay to follow up my imagination.

No films to speak about yesterday, but I did watch the latest episode of Legend of Korra. This show kinda owns me, and it is one compelling animated program. I’m invested in a lot of the characters. This is the final season, and there have been a mix of character moments, and some exciting, well-choreographed fighting scenes. Kuvira has to be one of the top villains in the entire series. Her move yesterday escalated things.

Like I said, I’m all caught up in there. Will have to do a full essays on the show and characters soon. It’s good to have some focus.

Happy creative endeavors.

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Thursday Goodness

December 11, 2014 at 10:05 AM (Creativity, Science Fiction, Screenwriting, Scripts, Writing) (, , , , )

For some reason I forgot that today was Thursday, but forgive me, my brain is trying to wake up. Got up at the sound of the phone, and decided that I might as well get outta bed. Its almost too early to write before I’ve awakened. Almost. Woke up with congestion in full effect.  Went for my nasal decongestant, and a glass of water. One day, when I have the money, I’m going to the doctor and finding a permanent treatment for this this frequent congestion.

Yesterday I did what I wished I did earlier, which was take my writing from my Notes app, and copy them into Word files. I also did a bulk save to my flash drive, which I should have done even sooner. Not much new writing got done, but since I’m awake now, and chorales-other than drink more water-I can get more done.

Last night, I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  It was a fun film, and of course, I’m a sucker for science fiction and action. I’ll have to sit down and write more about the actual film. For the moment, I can say, I’d watch it again.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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Crossing the Threshold 

December 10, 2014 at 2:12 PM (Blessings, Business, Genre, Passion, Writing) (, , , , )

I need to write every day. Every day that I write, should be towards completing projects. Any drama, or nonsense should be eliminated from my world view. By drama and nonsense, I mean things that are negative, designed to hold me back, or designed not to help at all with any experience I may have.

Writing is a passion. It is a way to express myself. It is a joy, a pleasure, a gift. I enjoy writing. I enjoyed making my friends laugh, I enjoy writing scripts, screenplays, and short stories. My ultimate goals are to become a successful writer. I would love to see myself as a successful full-time screenwriter, television writer, blogger, writing short stories, plays, and novels in the future. I wish to turn my passion into a productive, successful, lucrative business. Writing is a business, as well as a form of art. Rather than debate the difference between the two, I am willing to embrace both.

Writing is exciting and fun, I love to work at my craft, there’s no reason to delay or deny the positive experience that comes from writing. What holds me back, must be eliminated from my worldview.

No project should be too big or too small. At this stage in my life, I know how to get things done. I have a specific skill set, along with experiences to handle issues that may arise. I am skilled problem solver, and I know how to make things work, and get them done.

I don’t need anyone’s approval to be me, or to practice my craft. I accept that there will be roadblocks, stumbles, and daily chaos that tries to interfere. It is my duty to stay on track, and on point.

I believe in my writing, and I believe there’s always room for me to improve. This means that I am constantly looking for better ways to communicate, and to be stronger in my communications.

I believe in the encouragement of other creators to do better, and to be better artist. We’re all artists. We are try to express ourselves in positive and creative ways. This is about being positive making sure peeps has a chance to be a creative.

Every day should be better than the last day. No day is guaranteed to anyone, and things do happen to us all. God willing, I will continue to make my days better as a person, as an artist, as someone who loves what he does.

I must make room for the fact that I will get things wrong a lot of the times. Being wrong means I am not perfect, and I am flawed. It does not mean that I should give up on myself, my family, or my friends. On the flipside of this material, I get things right. Right does not mean perfect. Right does not mean better than anyone else. Right means I am on the correct path. A project or an action has positive results.

Positivity brings forth positivity. I believe in me, I believe and my friends, I believe in my family. We will make positive progress. We will, through our strengths, be better, and greater, and find the success that we need.

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A Late Night Post with Film Talk

December 9, 2014 at 11:34 PM (Action, Film, Horror, Science Fiction, Screenwriting) (, , , , )

Decided to watch Empire Strikes Back,one of my favorite movies. Now that I have it in, I believe it’s time to write a post.  Was working on something earlier, however, I wanted to edit it further, as it is an essay, That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have a post for today. A professor once said to the class, “writing is rewriting,” but I think it leads to writing beats more writing, at time. It’s just that nothing ends for me at simply one project. There is more to write. This professor also asked the class what films did we watch over the weekend. You can’t write screenplays without at least watching films. So for keeping that engrained in my brain, I have to thank Chris Auer for that.

it’s been cold today, but not freezing.  My room gets real warm, so the temps may be different in other places of the house.  Here I sit watching whatever movies strike my face.  That reminds me, Alien was on the other night. I love that film.  It’s a good mix of science fiction and horror. It’s also a film where in some pots the flashing lights play havoc on my eyes.  That final scene where Ripley is in the shuttle, and the creature outstretches its hand to grab her was perfectly disarming. Glad she didn’t give up and die, and fought back.

An older film, Leviathan was on.  it’s also a mix of science fiction and horror.  it’s nowhere a deep film, but nostalgia compelled me to watch it.  I enjoy it, but unless you’re curious for something older and undersea, you’ll be bored. There are some elements one could just see is going to happen before they do. It was still a fun watch for me, after all the years of not seeing it.

I’m gonna mention Predator (the original) because its been on several times, and I always end up watching it. I don’t know if it’s sci-fi horror. It does have some suspense and actions with a whole predator and prey angle. It’s pretty enjoyable film for me. it’s the strongest of all the predator films. Predators (note plural) wasn’t a bad film.

Be very leery of the Aliens vs Predators films. I’ll talk of those on a later date. I saw the first. it was ok. It did a lot to tie some elements of both franchises together.  The second film, I tried to watch, and turned my TV for lack on interest. I can say the first AvP did have some tension and suspense (and break a lot of rules for what we know).  The second seemed to pit teens/youngsters against the creature. Don’t know if that’s 100% accurate as I didn’t pay attention. It really wasn’t sci-fi horror to me.

So clearly, I have a lot to say, even when I’m editing essays I have yet to post.  I can talk of films all day, and happy to mention some of the things that interested me within to course of the day.

For the record, I have been writing more scenes, and I so need to get them formatted and presentable.

Happy creative endeavors, and see some good films.

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A Saturday to Get Some Work Done

December 6, 2014 at 2:08 PM (Blogging, Creativity, Rough Draft, Screenwriting, Scripts) (, , , , )

Between some errands/chores, like wiping down the dashboard in my car, light yardwork, and getting a meal, this is a day for writing. I’m inspired to keep working and progressing towards something better for myself. Since I love writing, and do a lot of it, I better to get myself back into focus.

I have a few ideas I actually worked on this week. The first was the TV script, which gained more scenes, and needs to go from really rough ideas (lots of dialogue, and a few lines for action/details). That needs to be developed and formatted for a proper script. Also today I worked out a prologue that I like for the TV series. Part of what’s got me inspired is I picked a character, and focused on his particular story.  it’s still an ensemble story, but having one character gave me insight into who he is, and what part of the problems in this world will be.

The second piece of work started with an idea for a film, so I wrote down idea, and a rough first scene. This needs to be worked on too.  I like that it went further than a few notes, and if I could, I’d like to see me push five additional pages of material from it this weekend.

Will try not to get too deep into details and overthinking things. Sometimes I think, in many ways, overthinking a project talks me out of it. This reminds me to do a backup of my files as well, because I didn’t do one of late, and I know putting it off is the wrong thing to do.

Will continue to write, and play some instrumental music to soothe my mind as I type.  I misplaced my classical music, so I’ll have to peep what soundtracks I have with me.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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Hello Tuesday

December 2, 2014 at 4:38 PM (Blogging, Challenges, Chaos, Rough Draft, Scripts) (, , , , )

Was sure it was Monday when I woke up, but it’s in fact, Tuesday. Its a hot mess kinda day when it took a moment for me to remember that Monday came and passed. Perhaps the days bleed together in a way that I need to make more distinct. I dunno, I feel silly for getting confused.

Did some light job searching, and I need to do more, more, and more.  Keep searching and applying is my rule for getting things done.

Congestion flared up today, like it was going out of style. Post nasal drip flowed like a fountain, and I feel, sadly like a phlegm machine. I took a decongestant, and its working slowly. Drinking a lot of water. May need a hot drink, but I need to keep drinking water. Not sure what set me off like this, but it wasn’t pretty. I’m feeling weird.

Did some writing today for the TV script. There was an idea in my head, and I decided it needed to be written down. It looks rough and choppy, nut its written. Gotta get that text formatted soon.

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A Sunday Post-Holiday Post

November 30, 2014 at 4:05 PM (Challenges, Chaos, Scripts, Upbeat, Writing) (, , , , )

Thanksgiving has come and went. Loved it very much. It was a simple affair. No muss, no fuss, and not an overly complicated gathering. So I’m thankful for keeping a holiday simple, and moving forward. It’s also good to see some peeps. One I had not seen in ten years. Ten years! Amazing.

Yesterday, I found myself saying I need to get on top of some character background writing, which I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Started that, like the results, and found myself writing out dialogue for a couple of scenes. As I wrote those scenes, I got the idea for another, and wrote that out as well.

What I expected to happen, and eventually did, was that the interruptions would show up-in rapid succession, that prevented me from sitting and composing material. I got a lot done in spite of the upsets. Even did some minor writing in the middle of assisting someone else. I suppose I was a wee bit distracted, but I wanted that scene to have some additions I was positive I’d forget if I addressed them later.

Hopefully, I’ll get some writing done today.

Happy creative endeavors.

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